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We know it can get complicated. Is my submission on time? Am I missing something? And so forth.

We are here to untangle, ensure you are keeping the right records, compute and ensure HMRC gets everything on time. It is our job to lighten the load. Our accountants have countless years of experience in the field and are on hand to ensure everything is right from registrations to submissions.

Piya Accountancy along with its highly experienced VAT specialists who can assist with a wide array of VAT work and questions including:

  • Advice on VAT registrations, the threshold and voluntary registrations.  
    • Computations and preparation of periodic VAT returns
    • Advising on the suitability of schemes such as cash accounting, annual accounting and the flat rate scheme.
    • Advising on the VAT liability of your sales of goods and services with a tailored focus on specific sectors, businesses and products.  
    • Maximising your recovery on purchases of goods and services and negotiating partial exemption methodologies with HMRC.
    • Advising on the VAT issues arising from property dealings.
    • Dealing with imports and exports within and outside the European Union.
    • Dealing with HMRC enquiries.