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So, you have just started hiring employees or already have quite a few awesome people who are keeping your business on-the-go? No worries. Piya Accountancy will make sure you have real time information about the status of employees, provide payslips (prints or digital!), keep ahead of NIC payments and make certain that everyone is clear the beginning of the following month.

How we can help?

  • Flexible Approach – We analyse the information and fully co-ordinate with you to ensure everything is processed and any last-minute amendments are included.
  • Expert Advice – Alongside having the expertise of our advisers on-hand to discuss all aspects of your payroll; rest assured that we will also utilise regularly updated state-of-the art software for legislative and other requirements.
  • Tech- Piya Accountancy won’t cut any corners when it comes to applying the wonders of technology to our Payroll processing. We can provide e-payslips to employees, import and integrate records if you intend to move your payroll records to us, ensure RTI (real-time information) is submitted to HMRC on time, and implement third-party payments via our BACS-accredited systems.
  • Other – Payroll is a significant part of your Accounting processes. There just can’t be any hitches. We can provide assistance with the initial assessment of employees at your staging date, compute pension contributions, help with employee communications and other related administrative aspects as part of our fully-managed solution.