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Business Start-Ups

So you have made your mind about a new venture? We know and understand that the first-time can be a thrilling but also a daunting prospect. This is why we have tailored services for prospective business-owners whereby we assist and help you set off on your journey.

Many Entrepreneurs are adamant that they have picked the right product or service, market, location and considered the advertising or branding aspects. Awesome. However, there are other significant functions to consider both at start-up stages and whilst running your potential business.

Put simply; not managing your finances properly, will cost you money. But if you get this part right and you will yield significant returns on your investment. For this reason, it is vital to have experienced and professional advisers on hand to guide you in the right direction. Piya Accountancy will provide you with comprehensive and practical counselling in the following areas;

  • Legal structure of your business and statutory responsibilities with focus on topics such as whether to set up your entity as a limited company or sole-trader.
  • Funding your startup. What options are available out there?
  • Preparation of a Business Plan (as noted)
  • Financial planning and modelling
  • Registration, taxation and other aspects.