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About us

Piya Accountancy was initiated by a group of devoted and experienced accountants with one thing in mind. It was to go further and trek the extra mile to ensure clients are provided with the right resources to fulfil their objectives.  We know what sort of problems businesses endure and understand why some may still have no ‘peace of mind’ even whilst they have an accountant. At Piya Accountancy, we innovate, simplify and organise.

Structure is everything and Piya Accountancy devotees to build the ultimate one for your business. As great as your business operations can be, if your tax affairs don’t reflect the same level of prudence, you could be heading towards a crisis. We have a vision and aspire to ensure you never have to go through such lengthy, difficult and eventually costly procedures.

With regards to communication; Piya Accountancy embraces sincerity. Interacting with our family of clients is never just about a generic email nor the odd phone call. We enjoy seeing our clients, take pleasure in talking about potential issues and convey viable solutions face-to-face.

The best part about all of this is that you do not have to dish out huge amounts of your hard-earned profits to pay for all this. We pride ourselves on offering clients competitive fees and several ways for paying for it all. Through our transparent provisions and flexibility, you really won’t have to break the bank.